I really don’t get the whole bacon thing.

I know this makes me weird. I like the smell, but I just don’t like the taste. Same thing with coffee. I feel like a lot of you are going to think I’m literally satan, but I’m just gonna leave this out here.

Just made Irish soda bread!

Also, eating has been on point today

My goal is to make it to next wednesday eating this way

Sooooo no processed carbs/sugar. Why is it whenever I try to cut down on something all I want is that? I don’t even really like desserts, but cookies are just so appealing right now. Body, you need to cut this shit out. 


Chocolate Banana Bread (gluten-free, dairy-free, xanthan-free)

The marriage of chocolate and bananas is truly divine. This bread is light, yet rich with chunks of sweet banana melting in your mouth with every bite. Have a slice with your breakfast smoothie or as a mid-afternoon snack, but our favorite is always fresh out of the oven! Or, try pairing a slice of this bread with a mug of Dairy-Free Hot Cocoa on a cold snowy day.

Click here for the recipe

Well, today’s eating was an abomination

But it’s okay. Tomorrow I’m going for a run. I’ll also try to refrain from the stupid little peanut butter cup trees. Fuck you peanut butter cup trees. You’re so delicious. 

Fuck tiny salads. I eat my salads out of a Halloween candy bowl.

Realization: I put something in my face every time I walk into the kitchen.

Working to remedy this. 

New food thing day 2

So, as planned I’ve cut down on pretty much all my refined carbs and I’m not gonna lie, it sucks a little bit. I did make a dairy-free grain-free pizza today which was actually pretty good. I put some soy cheese in the crust and seasoned it pretty heavily, so I’m sure that helped  a bit. I definitely need to pick up a bigger food processor, though. 

I do feel like this is impacting my mood to some degree. I feel bitchy and kinda tired which is what I expected, but it’s still not really fun. I do think that this is probably a bit easier for me because I’m not really into pasta or bread that much, but still. bagels. 

I dunno, I feel like experimenting with different ways of eating is a good thing. That way I can figure out how my body responds to different foods. Plus, let’s be honest, I’m kinda stuck in a rut and a change couldn’t hurt. 


Today was actually a pretty good day. I went to the gym and ran and then walked quickly at an incline and did some POP Pilates for abs last night. I’ve decided I’m going to keep the walking at an incline as a regular thing from now on. I love running, but I just feel the incline so much more. Obviously, I’d like to work up to doing HIITs that way, but for now 10 minutes of that after a run works for me. 

Also, made a really good dinner. Wheat berries with broccoli, chick peas, a little corn, and spinach cooked in veggie broth and topped with a little soy cheese. 

Hummus wraps are actually food of the gods

I just made one on a flax wrap with onions, peppers, and tomato. So. Fucking. Good. 

If you’re interested in cheap, healthy, vegan, meals—

You need to check out this blog:


Melody maintains a “mostly vegan” lifestyle and her blog is an amazing resource to vegans and vegetarians. Most of the content on the blog is vegan and she also has a lot of gluten-free recipes. Plus, her weight loss story was incredibly touching to read. 

Looking up some vegan recipes for the rest of this week and now I’m just drooling over my computer

I’m so excited to get up tomorrow and eat!

Just ate an apple as opposed to demolishing a giant hunk of mozzarella

1. it’s been a rough day, so this is an accomplishment

2. I have nothing against people who eat massive amounts of cheese at 12:49 AM. If you did so, more power to you. It’s just not what my body runs best on. 

3. But seriously, this is the milestone of the day. 

I forgot soy chai tea lattes exist

Hello cheat day favorite.