I’m going to get my mile time back under 10:00 this month.

Maybe even this week. 

Finalllllly went back to the gym today

I managed to run a mile in about  10.5 minutes which is so so so much better than I thought it would be. 

Then did the elliptical for a bit followed by some relatively light strength training. I plan on doing some pilates tonight in order to add to that part of the workout. 

Annnnnnd eating was a success. It was about 90% clean except for some white bread that I used on a sandwich because my Nana didn’t have whole wheat. 

I’m really excited and I really missed the feeling of actually working out in a gym. Plus I’ve been having dreams about running for weeks now, so even if the gym isn’t possible, I’m just going to suck it up and run outside. 

I’m so sore today

I might just end up walking. I’ve never gotten sore right above the backs of my knees before, so I’m going to see how I feel and then decide. If not walking maybe 30DS…?

5k in the rainnnnnn


Ran for 2.25 miles

Because it was better than nothing at al which is all I wanted to do after work. It’s also 80 degrees at 9:30 at night. What is that?

Glad I did it, though :)

I’m going to go running even though I really don’t want to because I know it’s good for my mental health.

Also, push-ups because that needs to happen.

And squats. Because ass.

Edit: ughhhhhhhh

Just finished my run.

I though it would be miserable going on my own, but it really wasn’t bad. I went for 3.14 miles and my pace was kind of shit after the first mile, but I’m getting back into things. So glad I went because it helps when I’m feeling anxious. :)

I wish I had someone to go running with meeee

Both my sisters are upstate and I only have my brother who definitely won’t go with me. :/

There is really nothing that I want more than to be a morning runner.

To wake up at 5am and bust out a few miles and not have to worry about planning showers around my runs. But then I wake up, and it’s just not going to happen. One day, though. :)

Another 5 miles down.

Did HIITS the entire time. So so so fucking excited for dinner. Stupid boys = great motivation.

Going back to NY for the weekend

-forgot laptop charger
-forgot phone charger
-remembered running shoes.

Not all is lost.

It’s the best feeling when you end a crappy day with an amazing workout

And I got to calibrate my nike+. Always a plus. Running solves everything.

Nothing quite like Nike+ deciding the other half of your run just doesn’t exist

But I had backup, so the world can go on. It felt so good to run today. Hopefully I can get some outdoor running done while I’m in Florida this weekend. 

Today I will run and lift until I feel better

And that doesn’t work, the shower after will.

Just kidding. It always works.