11/27/13: Progress. Weight gain. Blah. Changes.

Hello, my lovelies. So, here is the news I’ve been dreading to post. I’ve gained weight. I had been maintaining at about 230 for a good 3 months, but in the past few weeks I’ve gone back up to around 237ish. 

Honestly, I feel really mixed about this. Like, personally I feel really shitty about it, but on the other hand, gains happen. Life happens. I’m also glad I’ve caught it at the point where I’m only up 8lbs. I could realistically see that gone by the end of December especially because I’m pretty sure at least some of it is water weight. Another reason why I don’t want this to seem like it’s the end of the world is because I have so many amazing followers and I would never want any of you to feel like gaining while you’re trying to lose weight is something that should be seen as shameful or failure. It’s just a number. Even if I (or anyone) gained back literally everything they had lost, the changes you learned to make are still valuable. 

So, onto the changes portion. I’ve decided that for my body, it would be best to stick to unprocessed carbs from fruits and veggies pretty much exclusively. I’m not going to go and cut grains completely out of what I eat, but I do think that realistically the percentage needs to decrease. I’m still not eating meat or dairy (for the most part) but I am sometimes eating eggs. 

Sooo, yeah. I’d really like to get this weight back off because it’s just weirdly all gone to my face and that’s just not what I want. 

Current weight: 237lbs 

That’s right lovelies. CW: 229.

That’s right lovelies. CW: 229.

Weigh In 2/11/13

Last Weight: 236 lbs (16st 12lbs, 107.0kg)

This Week: 235 (16st 11lbs, 106.6kg)

Weekly Loss: 1lb

Total Loss: 39lbs

I’m still incredibly sore and I’m supposed to get my period on Friday so I’m hoping I actually lost a little more. I’m definitely excited to see the scale finally moving again, though. So excited to finallllllly be done with the 230’s. 

Weigh-In 2/2/13

Last Week: 237.5 lbs (16 st 13.5lbs, 107.7kg)

This Week: 236 lbs (16st 12lbs, 107.0kg)

Weekly Loss: 1.5lbs :)

Total Loss: 38lbs

Weigh-in Saturday: 10/27/12

This is a day late because I couldn’t remember what I actually weighed yesterday lol. 

Last Weight: 238.5 (17st .5lb or 108.2kg)

Current Weight: 237lbs (16st 13lb or 107.5kg)

Total weight lost: 1.5lbs

I took a week off from running because I was swamped with work, and went on a 4.5 mile run with my sister yesterday. Long story short, I’m never taking a week off again unless I’m injured. 

Weekly Weight 10/20/12 Reached Next Goal :)

Last Weight: 240.5 (17st 2.50lb or 109.1kg)

Current Weight: 238.5 (17st .5lb or 108.2kg)

Weekly Loss: 2lb 

Total Loss: 35.5lbs

Finally under 240. I don’t ever remember being this number. I’m so glad. Ugh, there are no words. 

Weigh-in Saturday: 10/06/12

This is late, but that’s because I just wanted to double check this morning that I hadn’t lost anything this week. I’m not really surprised because I’m supposed to get my period tomorrow, and that usually makes me retain water. I’ve definitely slipped a little bit this week, but I spent some time yesterday figuring out a workout schedule for the rest of this month. So yeah, no change, but that’s alright. I hope everyone else had a great weekend! 

Weigh-in Saturday: 9/29/12

Last Weight: 243.5 (17st 5.5lb, 110.5g)

Current Weight: 242 (17st 4.0lb or 109.9kg)

Weekly Loss: 1.5lb (.68kg)

Total Loss: 32lbs (14.5kg or 2st 4lb) 

I actually really wasn’t expecting to lose anything this week because I’ve kind of lost quickly the last two weeks. I’ve actually been eating more calories, but it’s mostly through fruits and veggies which has made a huge difference in how I feel. I hope everyone had an amazing week :)

Weigh In Saturday: Sept 8, 2012: Week 14

Last Weight:249lb (17st 11.0lb, 112.9kg)

Current Weight: 248lb (17st 10lb, 112.5kg)

Weekly Loss: 1lb (.45kg)

Total Loss: 26lb (1st 12lb or 11.8kg)

Usually I would be kind of disappointed with a one pound loss, but I have my period this week, and I usually don’t lose anything, so I’ll definitely take it. I’m definitely going to make an effort to eat cleaner this week. We have a ton of veggies that need to go anyways. I hope everyone has had an amazing Saturday :)

Saturday Weigh 9/1/12 Week 13

Last Weight:249.5 (17st 11.50lb, 113.17kg) 

Current Weight: 249lb (17st 11.0lb, 112.9kg)

Weekly Loss: .5lb (.2kg)

Total Loss: 25lb (1st 11lb or 11.3kg)

Not such a great week, but I’m officially down 25lbs which I’m really happy about. 

Saturday Weigh In: 9/25/12 Week 12

Last Weight: 254lb (18st 2.0lb,115.2kg)

Current Weight: 249.5 (17st 11.50lb, 113.17kg) 

Weekly Loss: 4.5lb (2.0kg)

Total Loss: 24.5lb (1st 10.50lb or 11.1kg)

Finally out of the fucking 250’s even if only by half a pound. I can’t even remember the last time I was in the 240’s. I’m kind of worried about the scale being wrong again, but I’m going to do monthly measurements either today or tomorrow. I get to move back to school today, so that should be fun. I’m excited to run on new routes and be able to go to a real gym for weight training. 

Weigh In Saturday: July 28, 2012/ 80 Day Weight Loss Challenge: 36

Last weight: 258lb (18st 4lb, 117kg)

Current Weight: 254lb (18st 2lb, 115.2kg)

Weekly Loss: 4lb (1.81kg)

Total Loss: 20lb (1st 6lb, 9kg) 

Weigh In Saturday: July 21, 2012/ 80 Day Weight Loss Challenge: 29

Last weight:261.6lbs (18 st 9.6lbs, 118.6kg)

Current Weight: 258lbs (18st, 6lbs, 117kg) Finally out of the 260’s!!!

Weekly Loss: 3.6lbs (1.6kg)

Total Loss: 16lbs (1st 2lbs, 4.5kg)

I’m so excited and proud to be in the 250’s again. This is the lowest weight I was at the first time I ever seriously tried losing weight, and even though I have a long way to go, I’m so ready to reach my first goal weight. Hope you all had a lovely day!

Weigh In Saturday: July 14, 2012/ 80 Day Weight Loss Challenge: 22

I realize this is once day late, but that’s on purpose. Yesterday, I got on the scale to discover the wonderful loss of .2lb. Now, I do believe that a loss is a loss, but a .2lb lost after a good week is a little annoying. I’m hoping that maybe I’m just retaining water, but I guess we’ll see. In other news, I finally got my hands on a tape measure, so I can track that way. After this week, I’ll be posting progress photos, which I’m both nervous and excited for. Hope you all had a good weekend. 

Weigh In Saturday: July 7, 2012

Last weight: 264.4lbs (119.9kg, 19st .4lbs)

Current Weight: 261.6lbs (18 st 9.6lbs, 118.6kg)

Weekly Loss: 2.8lbs 

Total Loss: 12.4lbs

I totally wasn’t expecting any loss this week because I just started my period and I generally retain water like crazy. I tried to drink a lot more, and that seems to have helped, though.