Body Positivity and Weight loss

So, I feel like this is something I’ve thought about a bunch and I really don’t know how I feel about it. I’m 100% for all people doing whatever makes them happy with their bodies, regardless of how other people see it, but I just feel like it’s so hard to have a blog that’s definitely focused on ultimately losing weight. Yes, my main goals are just to make decisions that make me feel healthy and happy, but I guess where I have a problem is that I don’t want anyone else to take that as me somehow suggesting that the only way to be healthy is to be losing weight. It’s not. 

I guess I’m kind of looking for ways to make this blog more inclusive of all body types, and to focus on health without posting a million photos of food, which I know gets old. I know one thing that really helped me move towards accepting my body more was seeing photos of other people who have a type of body that is similar to my own, but I also don’t want that to be misconstrued as “reverse thinspo” or whatever that shit is. 

I guess it’s just really hard to even focus on weight loss as a goal for myself without worrying about how it affects other people. :/ 

Also, eating has been on point today

My goal is to make it to next wednesday eating this way

Sooooo no processed carbs/sugar. Why is it whenever I try to cut down on something all I want is that? I don’t even really like desserts, but cookies are just so appealing right now. Body, you need to cut this shit out. 

Just did Day 1 of Insanity with my brother

My HRM says I burned 385 cals which isn’t bad considering i pulled the electrodes out of place at several different points. I’ve done parts of Insanity before and I had really good results, so I’m looking forward to this. Plus, having a workout buddy is always appreciated. Basketballs drills, though. Fuck. 

Going to go work out!

Because I always feel amazing after. You will too!

Just finished 30 minute HIIT workout on the bike

Annnnnd hated pretty much every second of it BUT the feeling after is definitely worth it. Starting back up sucks, but the alternative sucks more.

Fuck tiny salads. I eat my salads out of a Halloween candy bowl.

So, I saw a post the other day

and it was this girl saying that she had decided that she was more into having a thin and dainty body and that she was moving down her goal weight to accommodate that. 

But that’s the thing. That’s all the post said. It wasn’t apologetic and it didn’t try to rationalize the decision. It was just “this is what I want and this is what I’m doing to get there.” And I think that’s just really cool. 

I think that’s kinda how we should all go about our bodies. If your neighbor hated the color of your house, but you loved it, would you really care? Would you feel guilty for having this paint color? Probably not. If you decided later on that maybe the color wasn’t for you, would you spend days, weeks, months hating that paint? Would that dislike consume your life and hold you back from doing things you love? No, because it’s just paint. 

Couldn’t button the button under my boobs last week and now I can. Boom.

Couldn’t button the button under my boobs last week and now I can. Boom.

Realization: I put something in my face every time I walk into the kitchen.

Working to remedy this. 

New food thing day 2

So, as planned I’ve cut down on pretty much all my refined carbs and I’m not gonna lie, it sucks a little bit. I did make a dairy-free grain-free pizza today which was actually pretty good. I put some soy cheese in the crust and seasoned it pretty heavily, so I’m sure that helped  a bit. I definitely need to pick up a bigger food processor, though. 

I do feel like this is impacting my mood to some degree. I feel bitchy and kinda tired which is what I expected, but it’s still not really fun. I do think that this is probably a bit easier for me because I’m not really into pasta or bread that much, but still. bagels. 

I dunno, I feel like experimenting with different ways of eating is a good thing. That way I can figure out how my body responds to different foods. Plus, let’s be honest, I’m kinda stuck in a rut and a change couldn’t hurt. 

11/27/13: Progress. Weight gain. Blah. Changes.

Hello, my lovelies. So, here is the news I’ve been dreading to post. I’ve gained weight. I had been maintaining at about 230 for a good 3 months, but in the past few weeks I’ve gone back up to around 237ish. 

Honestly, I feel really mixed about this. Like, personally I feel really shitty about it, but on the other hand, gains happen. Life happens. I’m also glad I’ve caught it at the point where I’m only up 8lbs. I could realistically see that gone by the end of December especially because I’m pretty sure at least some of it is water weight. Another reason why I don’t want this to seem like it’s the end of the world is because I have so many amazing followers and I would never want any of you to feel like gaining while you’re trying to lose weight is something that should be seen as shameful or failure. It’s just a number. Even if I (or anyone) gained back literally everything they had lost, the changes you learned to make are still valuable. 

So, onto the changes portion. I’ve decided that for my body, it would be best to stick to unprocessed carbs from fruits and veggies pretty much exclusively. I’m not going to go and cut grains completely out of what I eat, but I do think that realistically the percentage needs to decrease. I’m still not eating meat or dairy (for the most part) but I am sometimes eating eggs. 

Sooo, yeah. I’d really like to get this weight back off because it’s just weirdly all gone to my face and that’s just not what I want. 

Current weight: 237lbs 

5 seconds away from my under 10 minute like.

Next time.

I’m going to get my mile time back under 10:00 this month.

Maybe even this week. 

Going to lift at the gym today

But doing a workout that’s not almost completely cardio based feels so weird. I’m going to warm up with a mile on the treadmill, but then I want to spend about half an hour with weights. I’m going to try and drag my brother with me so that I don’t feel as awkward.

also, when I’m rich, I’m buying a shit ton of sports bras

I’m tired of looking for them and always having to worry about if I remembered to throw one in the wash every single time I workout.